Yes Bank AEPS FAQs

Yes Bank AEPS FAQs

  • What is Yes Bank AEPS?

    Yes Bank micro-ATM , in partnership with Yes Bank Ltd., enables customers to perform basic banking transactions on his/her Aadhaar-linked bank account using Aadhaar authentication as the identifier.

    The basic banking transactions are outlined below:

    1. Balance Inquiry
    2. Cash withdrawal
    3. Cash deposit
  • Requirements to do AePS Transactions

    To do an AePS transition Agent must have a login of AePS, laptop / desktop or smart phone and a Biometric machine.

  • Which biometric device supports by Yes Bank AePS?

    Mantra, MORPHO, secugen , Persona , Smartek

  • How can I download biometric device drivers for AEPS?

    On Menu Click on Biometric derivers. New page will open with instructions to download Biometric drivers for Mantra & Morpho.

  • Limits for AePS
    Cateogry   Cash Deposit Cash Withdrawal Balance Enquiry
      Per Txn max amount 5000 5000 NA
      Per day Max amount 25000 10000 NA
  • Amount has deducted from customer bank account but not showing in my wallet?

    Do probing that has he activated auto credit to bank option. If he has enabled this option than amount will credit into his account within 2 working days from the date of transaction if not we will raise complaint and create a ticket for the same.

  • How to treat fail / Unknown Transactions?

    Cash withdrawal - in case of cash-withdrawal if amount got debited from customers account and is not credited in Agents wallet kindly treat this as FAIL and do not handover the amount to customer. Customers Bank will settle the amount back in his account. Kindly ask customer to check the same from his bank.

    Cash Deposit - In case cash deposit if amount got debited from your Agent wallet and is not credited in Customers bank account kindly treat this as SUCCESS and take the money customer. In most of the cases the same get settled in customer account in 24 Hours.

  • What if the amount not credited in customers account in 24 hours?

    IN this case amount is not credited in customers account in 24 hours the transaction is a FAIL.

    Post BIO metric verification amount will be credited back in Agent wallet. Now Agent can give cash back to Customer.

  • What if the amount not credited in customers account in 24 hours and Customer doesn't come to Agent?

    In absence of customer claim the fail amount will be auto settled in Agents wallet at T+5 Days.